On Air

On air??

Yes I will be live on air from the studio of a local radio station near Rotterdam. For the first time of my life on the radio, looking forward to that. Now you probably would like to know how and why, well just continue reading I will tell you.

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from one of our members of the Urban Photo Collective about the radio program. They are doing a few programs about art and culture and they would like to interview me for an item called “Project in the spotlight”. I will be interviewed about the Urban Photo Collective.

I”m a photographer and a member of the Urban Photo Collective. Since a few years I”m a (co)host and community manager as well. So I”m quite exited okay and a bit nervous as well (of course), but i”m looking forward to next friday.


Yesterday I went over to our HQ to talk about the interview and what I should talk about on the radio and what music I should bring along as well. It was a nice evening and we selected some Urban music for the interview. So today I”ve send an e-mail to the radio station with the information about the Urban Photo Collective and some personal information as they requested. The interviewer can now prepare the interview for next friday. I will bring my camera as well and ask if they would like to make some photo”s at the radio station.


If you would like to listen to my interview at Omroep Vlaardingen then listen to the Live stream or via FM 107.8 in the Vlaardingen Area. If you live in Vlaardingen the radion station is available on cable via FM 105.9. The interview will be Friday 27th of September between 14:00 and 14:30. The interview will be in Dutch.

If it”s possible I will be posting a audio file on my blog, afterwards so you listen to it again or at a later moment. The interview will be on the site of the radio station for a few months as well. I will post a link to the site as well afterwards in a new blog.


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