On Air (The Story)

Last friday (18th Oct 2013) I was live on air. A few minutes past two I took a seat behind the microphone in the studio of Omroep Vlaardingen for the radio intervieuw about me and the Urban Photo Collective. The item is called Project in the spotlight. So we talked about photography and the Urban Photo Collective.

A bit tense for the interview I traveled to the studio, but that went out of the door as soon as the interview began. It went pretty good actually. A nice host or DJ as the call it on the radio.

The DJ and I share the same passion for photography. That’s good you have something in common to talk about and someone who knows where he is talking about. The interview was over before I realized it. The time is really flying. After the interview I stayed in the studio for a while, had a cup of tea and talked with Beaty. The art director who has invited me for the interview. She took a few photo’s as well during the interview.

I had a good and pleasant afternoon and I would like to thank Omroep Vlaardingen and especially the team of “Het Zout” for the invitation and the opportunity to let me come to the studio and to talk about photography and the Urban Photo Collective.

I will update this blog with a link to the item after it will become available online to listen in case you’ve missed it. Due to technical problems the item is not online.


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